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Antler suitcase

ABOVE: Antler Luggage gave us this suitcase for review, but that didn't keep us from reporting the fact that the telescoping handle broke after several trips.

We write about a variety of travel experiences, and the costs are normally borne in any of four ways:

  • At our expense.

  • At the expense of a tourist office, such as a national, regional, or city tourist board that has invited us on a group or individual press trip.

  • At the expense of a travel vendor, such as a cruise line or railroad.

  • A combination of the above.

In addition, we sometimes review products and books that are supplied by manufacturers:

  • Expensive "loaner" items, such as cameras and cellular phones, are returned to the supplier.

  • Books and other relatively inexpensive items--or items such as clothing that can't be resold by the manufacturer or passed along to another reviewer--may end up on a bookshelf, in our closets, or at a local charity shop.

  • In some cases, we review products that we've bought, or we buy products that we've reviewed.

Our editorial standards are consistent regardless of who's picking up the tab, and we aren't influenced by whether a country or vendor is an advertiser, either. (We don't sell advertising directly, we can't even see ads that aren't served in our geographical location, and we have no contact with the advertising departments of tourist offices or travel vendors.)

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