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Hotel Casa Boccassini

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Hotel Boccassini sign

Calle del Volto, VeniceThe Hotel Casa Boccassini (or simply the "Hotel Boccassini," as the sign in the photo reads) is a 10-room hotel on a tiny street off the northern waterfront of Venice's historic center. Don't let the official one-star rating deceive you: The hotel is popular with guests, thanks in part to free Wi-Fi and a garden where breakfast is served in warm weather.

To reach the Hotel Boccassini by water from Marco Polo Airport, take the Alilaguna Blue Line water bus to Fondamente Nove. (Late in the evening, most Alilaguna Orange Line boats also stop at F. Nove.) Next, follow the simple directions below.

How to reach the Hotel Casa Boccassini from the Fondamente Nove airport-boat stop:

  1. As you leave the Alilaguna pier, turn left and walk to the stone bridge.

  2. Cross the bridge and continue along the waterfront to the Calle Buranelli.

  3. Turn right onto the Calle Buranelli, which will run into the Calle del Fumo. Continue walking inland.

  4. When you reach a cross street named the Calle del Volto (inset photo), look for the hotel entrance, which will be just off to your right.

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