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Lucerne, Switzerland

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City sightseeing

Bridges of Lucerne
This lakeside city is famous for its medieval Kapellbrücke and Spreuerbrücke, one of which was rebuilt after a 1993 fire.

Lucerne's Lion Monument
Before Louis XVI lost his head, 726 Swiss Guards lost their lives at his expense.

Swiss Transportation Museum
This lakefront museum complex has it all: trains, planes, automobiles, boats, a planetarium, a 360-degree panoramic movie tour of Switzerland, and an IMAX theater.


Lake Lucerne by steamer
Cruise 3-1/2 hours to Fluelen, or combine shorter segments with train transportation as you explore Switzerland's most popular lake.

Pilatus Kulm
You can ascend this mountain overlook near Lucerne by cablecar, on foot, or via the world's steepest cogwheel railway.