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Where to stay in Zürich: Zürich our partner
Europe's no. 1 secure reservations service lists hundreds of hotels, B&Bs, and other properties in Zürich and its suburbs. Listings include photos and reviews by paying guests.


Layover in Zürich
When you have to go into the city between planes, here's what to see and do.

Zürich's Bahnhofstrasse
Shop in some of Europe's finest stores, enjoy hot chocolate and pastries, or open a Swiss bank account on the most elegant street in Switzerland.

Zürich's greatest church was founded 900 years ago--possibly by the Emperor Charlemagne.


Affordable Zürich Hotels
A guide to three Zürich hotels in the low to medium price range: the Franziskaner, the Du Théâtre, and the Limmathof.


Zürich Beer Halls
Rub shoulders with the natives while enjoying Swiss-German comfort food at Bierhalle Kropf, the Zeughauskeller, or the Rheinfelder Bierhaus.


Zürich and Geneva Restaurant Trams
In Switzerland, streetcars aren't just for transportation--you can also enjoy a meal with beer or wine while touring by public transit.

UBS Polybahn, Zürich
The "little funicular that could" hauls 1.6 million passengers a year from the Zürich riverfront to a hillside university campus with a great view of the city.

Lake Zürich by steamer
Cruise two hours to Rapperswil, the historic "town of roses," or sample the Zürisee's attractions aboard a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner boat.