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Z�rich Beer Halls

Zurich Switzerland beer halls

ABOVE: If you encounter a gloomy day like this in Z�rich, head for a warm and cozy beer hall.

By Durant Imboden

In Z�rich, the leading beer halls have a different image than their counterparts in Munich. The emphasis is more on dining than on drinking, with patrons more likely to suffer heartburn than hangovers.

Sausages, Schnitzel, R�sti (hashbrown potato cakes fried in butter), and other Swiss-German comfort foods are the mainstays of beerhall cuisine. In this article, I'll tell you about three classic Z�rich beer halls that cater to both locals and tourists:

Bierhalle Kropf: The most refined of the three, with the best food.

Zeughauskeller: Cavernous and decorated with military weapons and occasionally harried service.

Rheinfelder Bierhaus: Cheerful, unpretentious, and cheap by Swiss standards.

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Z�rich Beer Halls:
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