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Bierhalle Kropf

Kropf, near the Peterskirche, was founded in 1880 and looks the part. The main room has ornate columns, woodcarvings, and murals on the ceiling and walls; side rooms are cozier, with plenty of carved wood and other rustic touches. On my most recent trip, the restaurant was packed with married couples, groups of young adults, pensioners, and few parents or grandparents with children. The atmosphere was cheerful, and my waitress was as cheerful as she was hard-working.

I ordered Geschnetzeltes mit Rösti, a traditional Zürich dish consisting of tiny veal strips in a spicy cream, wine, and mushroom gravy and served with a golden-brown cake of shredded potatoes fried in butter. The meal was excellent, and there was a lot of it: As soon as I'd finished off the generous portion of food, the waitress automatically brought me another serving (the traditional "second plate") that was as large as the first.

Other menu choices included Wienerschnitzel and a few cheaper items like Kalbsbratwurst and Rösti as a side dish. Prices were on the upper side of moderate and included taxes and service (though it's customary in Switzerland to tip a bit extra--I'd recommend 5%--if service is good).

Verdict: Nice atmosphere, tasty food, friendly staff, and a good bet for couples or families who prefer a private table to dining with strangers.

Bierhalle Kropf
In Gassen 16
Telephone: 01 221 1805

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