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Costa Magica Cruise Photos

From: Costa Magica Cruise Review

Savona (2)

Drawbridge in Savona cruise port

After breakfast, we followed our fellow passengers to the pedestrian drawbridge between the cruise port and downtown Savona.

Savona directional signs

A sign indicated the direction to the railroad station, city center, and bus station.

Arcaded passage in Savona

Via Paleocapa in Savona

Savona's elegant main shopping street, the Via Paleocapa, ran from the Torre Leon Pancaldo on the waterfront to a public market half a dozen blocks away. Sidewalks were protected by arcades on both sides of the road.

Savona trompe l'oiel

As we walked around Savona's centro storico, we saw quite a few well-maintained older buildings with trompe l'oleil façades.

dog in Savona, Italy

Cheryl made eye contact with a cane savonese, which may have been hoping for a handout.

Dog in Savona, Italy

Another downtown dog enjoyed a pat from a passing pedestrian.

Sfogliatelle in Savona, Italy

Cookies in Savona, Italy

Savona had a good assortment of pastry shops, with products that ranged from mouthwatering sfogliatelle to smiley-face cutout cookies.

Pedestrian street in Savona

In the pedestrian zone, flags and colorful signs added a cheery ambiance to the narrow streets.

Balbi Nautica shipchandlers - Savona

Hemisferium compass

At a shipchandler, Balbi Nautica, we found an early Christmas present for Cheryl: a brass nautical compass in a wooden case made by Hemisferium, a Spanish company that specializes in replicas of antique scientific instruments.

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