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Costa Magica Cruise Photos

From: Costa Magica Cruise Review

At sea

Sailors washing deck on Costa Magica

We had one sea day during our itinerary--a day of cruising between Naples and Palma de Mallorca--so we used our leisure time to explore the ship. Our first stop was the open area beneath the lifeboats on Deck 3, where sailors were swabbing the teak deck planks.

Deck 3 on Costa Magica

Except for the sailors, the deck was almost empty, so we had most of the space to ourselves.

Life preserver on Costa Magica

Costa Magica Genova on lifeboat

Life preservers and inscriptions on lifeboats reminded passengers that Costa Magica's home port was Genova (Genoa), Italy.

Deck 3 drain on Costa Magica

The deck had a traditional feel with its teak planks and details like the wooden drain above. It was one of our favorite places on Costa Magica, since it reminded us of the ships that we took across the Atlantic and Pacific when we were in our childhood and teens.

Wooden bench on Costa Magica

Wooden benches on Deck 3 and other open areas of the ship added to the maritime ambiance. (The bench in this photo showed signs of wear, probably from being pounded by saltwater on rough ocean crossings.)

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