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ABOVE: A Eurostar train speeds around a banked curve in the countryside.

Travel planning

Eurostar London-Paris-London
This illustrated report describes journeys in Standard and Leisure Select Class, with information on check-in on both sides of the Chanel. From Paris for Visitors.
The official Eurostar site has a journey planner and other useful information, but it can be maddening to use. (Tip: Select the "UK" as your country of residence if you live overseas. Fares will be converted into your local currency when you charge to your credit card.)

Rail Europe: Eurostar our partner
If you live in the U.S., you may find Rail Europe easier to deal with than Eurostar, although bargain fares don't always show up on its pages.

Background information and photos

Wikipedia: Eurostar
The online encyclopedia's article is packed with facts, figures, and trivia.

Le Shuttle (car train)

Load your car, motorcycle, camper, or caravan on Le Shuttle for a 35-minute rail journey under the English Channel between Folkestone, England and Coquelles, France. (If you're traveling with a group, you can even reserve a spot for your tour bus.)

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Need a car in Europe?

Tourist car leases (21+ days)

If you live outside the EU, a tax-free Renault or Peugeot tourist car lease can be cheaper than renting for visits of three weeks or longer. Minimum driver age is 18, there' s no upper age limit, and rates include insurance.

Car Rentals

Auto Europe makes it easy to find the best car and motorhome rental rates in more than 20,000 locations.


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