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Multi-Country Calling from Cellular Abroad

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Recommendation and money-saving tips

Talk Abroad is your best option if:

  • You're visiting more than one country--for example, on an escorted tour, a train or car trip, or a cruise around Europe.

  • You won't be making frequent local calls.

  • Local people won't call you very often.

  • You need a single, permanent European phone number abroad and/or a U.S.-based number where you can be reached by Americans who don't know how to call overseas.

A single-country SIM card is your best option if:

  • You're visiting only one country.

  • You'll be using the phone often for local calls.

  • Local people will need to call you frequently.

Money-saving tips:

  • If you travel to Europe reasonably often but don't always visit the same country, Talk Abroad is likely to be a better value because you can keep using it instead of buying a new SIM card for each trip. Also, you can recharge Talk Abroad and keep the same phone number indefinitely wherever you live.

  • When calling friends, family, or co-workers back home, ask them to call back from a landline phone or with Skype. That way, you won't use up your outgoing talk time. (Incoming calls are free.)

  • Be aware of surcharges. For example, there's a  surcharge for outgoing  calls to mobile phones, so you'll save money by calling business colleagues, family, friends, or business contacts at their landline numbers.

For more information on TalkAbroad:

Visit, where you'll find the latest product details and pricing for SIM cards, multiband phones, and phone packages.

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