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VW Factory Tours

From: Volkswagen's Autostadt

photo by Rainier Jensen


ABOVE: The Autostadt is immediately adjacent to the VW factory in Wolfsburg, which is connected to the car towers by a robot-driven conveyor system.

Tours of the Volkswagenfabrik in Wolfsburg

Volkswagen claims that its Wolfsburg factory is the largest auto plant in the world. According to the park's official guide (published in several languages by Merian), "the Principality of Monaco would fit into the halls alone."

The Volkswagenfabrik has 75 km or 46 miles of streets, employs 23,000 people, and has 1,140 robots. The fire department alone has a staff of 76. The VW factory even has its own butcher shop, which processes some 500 tons of meat for 1.5 million curry sausages per year. In addition to Currywurste, the factory produces cars: about 4,000 daily, mostly Golfs, Jettas, and other variations on the Golf platform.

On work days, Volkswagen offers a free WerkTour or factory tour to Autostadt ticketholders. Rubber-tired, glass-walled "panorama trains" leave a station near the GroupForum at 15-minute intervals from 9:15 a.m. until late afternoon. The tour lasts 50 minutes.

  • Tip: You'll need to reserve seats on the tour train. Not all trains have narration in English, so book early in the day.

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What to see and do:
Volkswagen Autostadt VW factory tours
GroupForum - Piazza Driver training
ZeitHaus museum Car towers, delivery center
Brand pavilions Restaurants, shopping

Practical advice:
Getting to Wolfsburg Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg (hotel)

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