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Walking directions to
Locanda Novo

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ABOVE: The Locanda Novomap markeris between the Fondamente Nove (top of map) and the Grand Canal. The most convenient airport-boat stop is Fondamente Nove, which is represented by the blue airplane icon.

Locanda Novo sign

The Locanda Novo is a "Town House Suites" property, which is an Italian hotel category for "inn" or "bed and breakfast." The Locanda is in the sestiere or district of Cannaregio, near the eastern end of the Strada Nova (one of Venice's busiest shopping streets) and not too far from the Rialto Bridge. Its nine rooms are up four flights of stairs, so it probably shouldn't be your first choice if you're unfit or traveling with a steamer trunk.

How to reach the Locanda Novo from the Fondamente Nove airport-boat stop:

  1. As you leave the pier, look for the Salizada Spechieri. This is a street just to the right of the pier.

  2. Walk inland on the Salizada Spechieri, past the Gesuiti Church to the Campo dei Gesuiti.

  3. You'll see a bridge ahead of you. Cross the bridge and continue along the Salizada Seriman to the next canal.

  4. At the canal, bear right slightly and cross the bridge. Continue down the Salizada L. Borgato.

  5. Cross the next bridge and walk straight ahead on the Rio Terà SS. Apostoli .

  6. Just beyond a cross street, the Calle Larga dei Proverbi, you'll reach a small square behind the church of SS Apostoli.

  7. Look for the Calle dei Preti in the northwest corner of the square, before the church. The Locanda Novo is in the Calle dei Preti at no. 4529.

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