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MSC Poesia Cruise Review

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MSC Poesia Animation Team

ABOVE: The multilingual, multinational MSC Poesia Animation Team practice their antics by the pool.

Is MSC right for you?

MSC is right for you if... MSC isn't right for you if...
You want to experience Europe 24/7. You want to experience Europe only when you're in port.
You've always dreamed of owning a Ferrari. You've always dreamed of owning a Hummer.
You love the pitter-patter of little feet in public places. You love the clitter-clatter of golf spikes in your gated over-55 community.
You prefer cheap bottled water to expensive wine. You prefer free tap water to inexpensive wine.
You like your pasta and risotto al dente. You like your pasta in a hot dish, and you thought Chrysler stopped making the DeSoto in 1961.

But seriously:

An MSC cruise isn't for everyone. It's a European experience, and primarily a Continental European experience at that.

MSC Poesia gangwayIf you don't like a multilingual environment, are annoyed by the presence of children, want tea (iced or hot) at every meal, and prefer the company of your own kind, spending a week with several thousand people of all ages from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey, and a host of other countries may not be your idea of a fun vacation.

On the other hand, if you'd like to feel immersed in Europe during your European cruise, MSC may be just your cup of Lipton or Twinings. (We enjoyed our 7-day Eastern Mediterranean voyage aboard MSC Poesia, and we'd happily cruise with MSC again.)

  • Note: The number of English-speaking passengers varies from cruise to cruise, but it can be larger than you might guess: Liverne Delpaul, a personable South African who was the English-language hostess on our MSC Poesia cruise, told us that 520 of the 3,000+ passengers were English-speaking. Of that number, about 150 were British, American, or Australian, while most of the rest were from countries such as the Netherlands and Scandinavia where English is more widely understood than MSC's other official languages of Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

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