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From: MSC Preziosa cruise review: North Sea

Day 3: North Sea (Sea Day 2)

BELOW: The third full day of our cruise was spent in the North Sea. The distance from Hamburg to our next port (Le Havre) was 449 nautical miles, making this the longest leg of our voyage.

As MSC Preziosa cruised south, we saw North Sea oil platforms and containerships throughout the day.

Oil platforms in North Sea

Maersk containership in North Sea

BELOW: We've been traveling together by ship since high school, so for us, our third day (and second sea day) was a great opportunity to escape the crowds and enjoy salt air on MSC Preziosa's mostly empty boat deck.

(We mostly ignored the day's many scheduled activites, except for the obligatory visit with British immigration authorities in anticipation of our arrival in Southampton two days later.)

Promenade deck on MSC PREZIOSA

Cheryl Imboden on MSC PREZIOSA

Passenger on MSC PREZIOSA Deck 7

BELOW: Life-raft containers and windows on the Boat Deck shared a circular design motif (whether by accident or intent, we couldn't say).

Life rafts on MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: For that matter, so did the clocks and the life preservers.


Life preserver on MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: We're ship fans, and we like walking, so the Boat Deck was a great place to be. Life rafts and mechanical gear, tenders, lifeboats, and expanses of white painted steel reminded us that we were at sea and not in a glitzy hotel or resort.

Life rafts and launchers on MSC PREZIOSA


Lifeboat on MSC PREZIOSA

Detail of lifeboat on MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: One nice feature of MSC Preziosa, which we discovered on our own, was the presence of ladders (a.k.a. stairs) between decks toward the fantail or back of the ship. Why bother with a Stairmaster in the gym when you can climb real steps in the fresh air?

Aft ladders on MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: By evening, after a Phantom of the Opera-themed show titled "The Amazing Mask" in the Platinum Theater, we were ready for the last of our day's walks on the open decks.

Cheryl Imboden on MSC PREZIOSA Boat Deck

Cheryl Imboden on North Sea

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