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MSC Preziosa Cruise Photos

From: MSC Preziosa cruise review: North Sea

Embarkation in Rotterdam

BELOW: Before boarding MSC Preziosa, we spent several nights at the H2otel, a modern floating hotel in Rotterdam's Wijnhaven, or "Wine Harbor," which was dredged in 1603.

This was our second stay at the H20tel, which is within walking distance of both Rotterdam's central railroad station and the cruise terminal.

H2otel Rotterdam

BELOW: We weren't scheduled to board until 7 p.m., with departure the next morning, so we spent the day in Rotterdam and picked up our bags at the hotel in early evening.

We then walked a few short blocks to the Erasmusbrug, a suspension bridge that crosses the Nieue Maas River in central Rotterdam. We could see MSC Preziosa moored on the river's opposite bank.

BELOW: A kind pedestrian saw us trying to line up a selfie on the bridge and volunteered to take our photo with MSC Preziosa as a backdrop. 

Durant and Cheryl Imboden on Erasmusbrug

BELOW: MSC Preziosa was just off to our right as we approached the southern end of the Erasmusbrug.

MSC PREZIOSA from Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam

BELOW: As we left the bridge, we turned right and walked past several buildings to the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal, a.k.a. Cruise Terminal Rotterdam.

Rotterdam near Erasmusbrug

Rotterdam Cruise Terminal

RIGHT AND BELOW: We surrendered our luggage in the lobby and went upstairs to the MSC Cruises check-in desk, where we presented our documents, had our photos taken, and got our cruise cards.

The check-in process was quick, partly because only a few hundred passengers were starting the cruise in Rotterdam.

(Our cruise's North Sea itinerary consisted of several identical back-to-back cruises that allowed passengers to board in different ports. For example, most German passengers embarked and disembarked in Hamburg, while British passengers got on and off the ship in Southampton.)

Check-in for MSC PREZIOSA cruise in Rotterdam

BELOW: From the check-in desk, it was only a few steps to the cruise terminal's boarding bridge and MSC Preziosa.

MSC PREZIOSA at Cruise Terminal Rotterdam

BELOW: Once we were on board, we went directly to Cabin 9033 on Deck 9 (also known as "Agata" deck).

Cabin 9033 on MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: Our cabin was on MSC Preziosa's port side, facing the River Nieuwe Maas and central Rotterdam.

Doors to balcony in cabin 9033, MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: Our balcony stateroom had a fairly standard layout, with a bed that could be made up as a king or twins, a large sofa, and a desk/storage unit with a hassock and a TV.

Sofa in Cabin 9033, MSC PREZIOSA

Desk on MSC PREZIOSA, Cabin 9033

BELOW: Our bathroom offered plenty of storage space, a vacuum toilet, and a shower stall.

Bathroom sink and countertop in Stateroom 9033, MSC PREZIOSA

Toilet and shower in Cabin 9033, MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: We'd boarded too late for dinner in our assigned restaurant, the Golden Lobster, so we went to the Inca Buffet on Deck 15 for a self-serve meal. (This photo shows the buffet's array of sauces and other condiments.)

Sauces in buffet, MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: We then explored MSC Preziosa. In these photos you can see a glittery staircase from the reception area on Deck 5 and the ship's atrium.

Glitter staircase on MSC PREZIOSA


BELOW: It was dark by the time we reached Deck 15, where we had good views of the cruise terminal and nearby skyscrapers.

Rotterdam Cruise Terminal at night from MSC PREZIOSA

BELOW: Newly-arrived and returning passengers were still embarking via the boarding bridge.

Boarding bridge from Rotterdam Cruise Terminal

BELOW: Back in our cabin, we enjoyed a nighttime view of the Erasmusbrug, the River Nieuwe Maas, and the downtown Rotterdam waterfront. (The structure in the upper right corner of the photo is MSC Preziosa's bridge.)

Erasmusbrug at night from MSC PREZIOSA

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