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Rothenburg photo

Rothenburg's Markplatz is surrounded by ancient houses that contain shops, restaurants, and guesthouses or hotels. At the top of this photo is the Ratsherrntrinkstube, or City Councilors' Tavern, with a clock that celebrates Burgermeister Nusch's "Meistertrunk" or "Master Draught" which reputedly saved the town from destruction on October 31, 1631.

The Meistertrunk legend dates back to the Thirty Years' War, when the Protestant city was conquered by Catholic League forces under the command of General Tilly. Burgermeister Nusch promised to swig down a 3ľ-liter tankard of Franconian wine if the general would spare the town. Tilly agreed, whereupon Nusch drank the "master draught" of wine and immediately fell unconscious. The town was saved, as the mayor happily discovered when he woke up three days later.

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