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From readers:

I just finished reading your review on your Viking Burgundy cruise. My friend and I just booked it today. Your review helped make the final decision. It was just what I was looking for.

B.T., United States

I just saw your Silver Whisper review. All I can say is WOW! It was an incredible review - especially the detailed pictures & captions.

It's got me chomping at the bit to try Silversea. Just got off a RSSC Mariner cruise, after having sailed primarily on HAL. What a difference. It was a nearly perfect cruise. But RSSC does not go to Odessa - and I want to go there next summer. So I looked at Silversea, saw your report, and now I am ready! Thanks.

We are planning our second trip to Venice, which will be our fourth trip to Europe and your website is our primary planning tool - good solid research and entertaining too!

You know what you are talking about in terms dealing with real travel concerns - like how to find a WC in wife drives me crazy with this, although I realize that us guys have an advantage...;)

Other than WC needs, you capture all of the important stuff as well, such as train travel, culture, hotels, etc Very honest and informative approach!

M.R., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I discovered your site about 6 months ago and haven't had a chance to fully explore it but you've already helped me quite a bit! I went back to your article on the Billingham Hadley Pro yesterday - I had recalled that I read it a few months ago. I purchased the bag this afternoon from a camera shop in Palo Alto, California and really look forward to using it....Thanks again for the great editorial content !

L.C., Santa Cruz, California, USA

Just now I read two cruise reviews on your website. They are so well written and full of joyful anecdotes. Thank you so much for creating this website, it made me smile.

E.D., the Netherlands

I have just looked through your website and would like to say that it is the most helpful and concise website I have ever encountered. Carry on the good work.Very well done!


From travel professionals:

Just a quick note to let you know you have some avid & devoted fans out there! Just got a call from a lady in Atlanta who thinks "Imboden is brilliant & I will do anything he recommends -- sign me up for Italy & Spain". YOU are VERY INFLUENTIAL!

Chris Cotť
Language Studies Abroad, Inc.

A travel agent told us a client saw your article and prompted a call about booking.

Your articles are fantastic and they always seem to generate business for us whenever they're featured.

Cruise Line PR Director

Sales of Chow! Venice are way, way up all of a sudden. Amazon is selling copies like mad - there are something like twenty "used and new" copies available right now, because all the other booksellers want to jump on the bandwagon. And finally, Borders reordered! After months and months. Of course Ruth and I are ecstatic and hoping that we can go into a new and revised edition soon.

I think that possibly Durant Imboden had something to do with this. He runs the websites and, and I emailed him a few weeks back and asked him if he'd like to see a copy. He did, and I sent it, and then he wrote a great review of Chow! on his website.

We have sent out hundreds of copies to newspapers and magazines - where did that get us? Nowhere, and fast. Clearly, newspapers and magazines are not the way of the future.

Shannon Essa, co-author, Chow! Venice, in her blog

Here's Nicola from Venice, from the luggage storage that you promoted in your webpage. I'm so grateful. You cannot imagine the satisfaction to see people coming in and asking 'Where is Mr. Nicola?' and give them the possibility to feel safe and happy.

 Thanks, thanks a lot.

Owner of The Golden Luggage deposito bagagli