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Nuremberg Railroad Station to Cruise Port

A reader's experience

In June, 2018, we received this helpful e-mail from a reader:

Your directions from the Nuremberg Bahnhof to the port were very good. I printed out a copy and followed them to the letter.

A couple of suggestions follow:

  • I did not see any U-bahn ticket machines. There were only the DB machines with an icon for VEG to press to obtain public transit tickets. They now have a 90 minute ticket. I did not see the selection on the machine. I went to the DB store and purchased a 90 minute ticket for 3 euro 10. U bahn from bahnhof - you can also ride the MESSA train. It will also take you the 3 necessary stops to Frankenstrasse.

  • When arriving at Frankenstrasse, follow the sign for Frankenstrasse/Katzwander, go up the first escalator, there will be a number of signs with bus numbers and arrows, Bus 67 is the last number in red (67 Hafen - Eibach - Stein - Furth Hauptbahnhof) with an arrow pointing up.

  • Ride the escalator up and turn right upon exiting the station, the stop is literally less than 1 block (about 20 meters) down the same road. Bus 67 terminates at the bus shelter there and waits about 10 minutes. before leaving.

  • The directions for the 67, the Rotterdamer Street stop and crossing the street to go over the river and down the path were spot on! The photos helped immensely! The yellow sign shows Personenschiffart at the bottom black arrow (covered in the photo by the top of the bus shelter).

Thank you so much for posting these directions. They helped considerably with the addition of my detailed Google Map instructions from Hauptbahnhof to Europakai 10. Pictures are always great assets. Thank you again for publishing these instructions. They helped a great deal. I was very glad to have them as a resource.


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