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Segway Personal Transporter photo

ABOVE: A first-time Segway rider gets instruction before the tour.

Update: Since this article was first published, Segway Tours Munich have moved from the Olympiapark to central Munich, where two three-hour itineraries are available: a "Classic Tour" of the city's major landmarks and a "Reich Tour" with a focus on the National Socialist movement. We've left our original article in place to give you an idea of what the Segway experience is like, but for official up-to-date tour information, click here.

Tips for Segway tourists

  • The tour season is from Easter to the end of October.

  • Tours may be cancelled in bad weather, and group bookings may tie up all the Segways, so call ahead.

  • To ride a Segway scooter, you must weigh no more than 110 kg or 242 pounds.

  • Segway Personal Transporters are extremely stable, but if you're clumsy or have bad balance, it's conceivable that you could fall off the scooter in a sharp turn. Also, you'll need to stand still with good posture while riding, so you might want to try the 30-minute tour if you're a first-time Segway user. (One middle-aged woman told me that her back hurt after the two-hour tour from having to stand in one place while riding.)

  • The tour's Segway scooters are locked at the beginner setting (13 km/h or 6 mph), but even that speed feels quick when you're sharing paths with pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists. When riding the Segway, concentrate on the path and look at the sights after the group has stopped.

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