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Update: Since this article was first published, Segway Tours Munich have moved from the Olympiapark to central Munich, where two three-hour itineraries are available: a "Classic Tour" of the city's major landmarks and a "Reich Tour" with a focus on the National Socialist movement. We've left our original article in place to give you an idea of what the Segway experience is like, but for official up-to-date tour information, click here.

Segway scooter tours are popping up everywhere these days, from Minneapolis to Madrid. Some locations, such as central Paris or Florence, are intimidating--at least to those of us who worry about running over the natives, fellow tourists, or unsuspecting dogs.

In Munich, several different companies offer or plan to offer Segway tours, but the most appealing--and practical--may be Ich Steh' Auf Fahren in Munich's Olympiapark, where you can learn to ride a Segway in a relatively safe setting.

Olympiapark photoThe Olympiapark, a.k.a. the Olympic Park, was built for the Olympic Summer Games of 1972. It has several kilometers of paths, an artificial mountain built on World War II bombing rubble, a large lake, and several stadiums (including an ice rink, a Schwimmhalle, and the main stadium from the 1972 Olympics, which is now a popular concert venue).

The Olympiapark is a popular Munich tourist attraction, and a Segway tour offers a good way to see the park quickly while enjoying the unique experience of operating a Segway Personal Transporter.

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