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Bridges of Lucerne

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General Travel Information

The Lucerne Tourist Board's English-language site has information about sightseeing, tours, restaurants, shopping, excursions, accommodation, and other topics.

Hotels Lucerne
Switzerland's leading discount booking service is also our booking partner. The last time we checked, it had nearly 70 listings for the city of Lucerne and 160 for the Lucerne region


Lucerne Festival
Learn about the Easter Festival Lucerne, International Festival of Music Lucerne, and Lucerne Piano Festival.


Swiss Transportation Museum
Switzerland's largest museum complex has trains, planes, automobiles, boats, a planetarium, a 360° panoramic movie tour of Switzerland, and an IMAX theater in an attractive lakeside setting.

Historisches Museum Luzern
Visit once for the general displays, then return for special exhibits that range from Samichlaus (Santa Claus) to zithers.


Lucerne's Lion Monument
Before Louis XVI lost his head, 726 Swiss Guards lost their lives at his expense.

Pilatus Kulm
Enjoy a spectacular mountain excursion by cable car and the world's steepest cogwheel railway.

Glacier Garden
Lucerne's Gletschergarten has Ice Age potholes, a relief model of Central Switzerland, an "Old Lucerne" section with antique furniture, and other attractions.


Lake Lucerne by Steamer
An illustrated article about lake cruises and boat-train itineraries around the Vierwaldstättersee or "Lake of the Four Forest Cantons," a.k.a. Lake Lucerne.

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Bridges of Lucerne - Introduction
Historic description of Lucerne and its bridges
Lucerne travel links