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"Contemporary Venice" and "Slow Venice"

Guided tours of Venice and its contemporary art scene.

Cristina Gregorin in Venice

ABOVE: Cristina Gregorin in Venice. INSET BELOW: A work of art from a past Biennale, and Cristina giving a lecture.

Biennale artworkSay the words "Venice" and "art" together, and most people will think you're talking about Titian, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, and other illustrious painters from centuries past.

But Venice isn't just a mecca for worshippers of long-dead masters: The city's Biennale has exhibited the work of modern artists since 1895, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is world-famous, and there are plenty of other museums, galleries, and artists' studios to please visitors who enjoy contemporary art.

(Modern architecture also has a place in today's Venice; the city is home to IAUAV, a leading Italian university of architecture and design.)

Cristina Gregorin lecturingIf contemporary art and architecture are on your sightseeing list in Venice, Cristina Gregorin--a licensed guide, Ph.D., and book author--is ready to help you make the most of your visit.

Cristina organizes visits to museums, galleries, and artists' ateliers (including glassmakers' studios), along with a "Contemporary Architecture on Giudecca Island" itinerary of places where modern architects have found new uses for 19th and early 20th Century industrial buildings.

Cristina Gregorin can also take you on private tours of Venice that don't involve contemporary art.

  • For more information on Cristina Gregorin's art and architecture tours, see her Contemporary Venice Web site.

  • For general tours of Venice (including walking tours in Venice's six sestieri or districts), visit her Slow Venice site.

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