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Ponte di Calatrava Construction Videos

From: Ponte di Calatrava

A fourth bridge across Venice's Grand Canal, the Ponte di Calatrava or Ponte della Constituzione, opened late in 2008 after several years of wrangling and construction delays. The bridge, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, was informally called the "Ponte di Calatrava" until its official christening.

Thanks to the new bridge, travelers can now walk directly from the Piazzale Roma to the Santa Lucia Railway Station (or vice versa) instead of taking the vaporetto or a meandering route on foot.

The YouTube videos below predate the bridge's opening. To view them, simply click the arrows on the embedded video screens.

ABOVE: Animation of the bridge's assembly on site.

ABOVE: Transportation of the bridge down the Grand Canal at night.

ABOVE: Time-lapse video showing the bridge sections being put in place.

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