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Venice Chorus Pass


ABOVE: Admission to the church of San Giacomo dall'Orio is free with the Chorus Pass. (The church, which is one of the oldest in Venice, has an attractive keel-vaulted wooden ceiling. It's located on a friendly neighborhood campo in Santa Croce.)

Some of Venice's churches use admission fees to help with their maintenance and restoration. You can save money and avoid the hassle of buying individual tickets with the Chorus Pass, which costs only €12, and lets you visit 15 Venice churches that charge admission during a one-year period.

Since the price of an individual ticket is €3, you'll recoup the price of the pass if you visit four churches. (A family pass is available for €24 and covers four people: two adults and two children up to age 18. Students up to 29 years of age can buy the Chorus Pass for €8.)

You can buy the Chorus Pass at any participating church and at several other locations around town. It's also available online.

For details, including a list of Chorus Pass churches and their opening hours, see the Chorus Venezia Web site.