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Venice Master Artisans

Book Review
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ABOVE: Paolo Brandolisio carves a forcola oarlock. BELOW: Guerrino Lovato prepares clay for molding a papier-maché mask.


Table of Contents: Venice Master Artisans

The Venetian "Arti" at the time of the Republic

  •  A six-page history and introduction by Giovanni Scarabello

Fabrics and leather

  • Introduction/history

  • Printing on Fabrics
    Agliai and Adriana Minelli's Printed Fabrics

  • Velvet, Damask and Brocade
    The Luigi Bevilacqua Silk-Weaving Mill

  • Lace, Crochet-Work and Embroidery
    Jesurum, Fratelli Levi Morenos

  • Dress-making
    Costumes by Stefano Nicolao's Atelier

  • Footwear
    Rolando Segalin, Shoemaker and Designer


  • Introduction/history

  • Casting Metal
    The Valese Artistic Foundry

  • Gold Leaf
    Marino Menegazzo, Gold-Beater

  • Gold-Working and its Origins
    Andrea D'Agostino and the Rediscovery of Ancient Techniques

  • Gold and Precious Stones
    Lauro Vianello, Jewellery and Magnificence

  • Silver-working
    Luigi Sfriso's Silver Plate


  • Introduction/history

  • The Gilding and Painting of Wood
    Alfreda Barutti and Medieval Tradition

  • Decorating Furniture
    Michele Cigogna and Traditional Venetian Furniture

  • Wood-carving
    Romeo Crivellaro. Creativity and Virtuosity

  • Rowing on the Lagoon
    Paolo Brandolisio's Oars and Oarlocks

  • The Gondola
    Thom Price. An American "squerariol"

  • Musical Instruments
    Ivo Gabriel Marchi's Harpsichords and Spinets


  • Introduction/history

  • Blown Glass
    Filigree by Giluliano and Roberta Ballarin

  • Glass-engraving
    Luigi Camozzo. Engraved and Beaten Glass

  • Glass Beads
    La Perla Veneziana and the Murano "Conterie"

  • Enamel Decorations on Glass
    Sacred and Profane: Antonio Cecchelin and Paolo Seno

  • Glass in Mosaic Work
    Ruggero and Lucio Orsoni's factory

  • Lampworked Glass
    Heaven and Hell according to Lucia Bubacco


  • Introduction/history

  • Ceramic Tableware
    Decorations by Margherita Rosetto

  • China Dolls
    The dreamy expressions of Beatrice Perini's dolls


  • Introduction/history

  • Paper Making
    Fernando Masone: from Cotton Pulp to Artistic Creations

  • Printed and Decorated Paper and Quality Book-Bindings
    Renato Polieo's Bindery

  • Artistic Prints
    Roberto Mazzetto and the "Bottega del Tintoretto" Printing Works

  • Masks
    Guerrino Lovato's "MondoNovo"


  • Marble
    Romeo dall'Era's workshop: A Garden of Stone

The conservation of art

  • Preserving the City
    Paolo Costantini's Restoration Workshop

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