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Dead Lagoon
Dead Lagoon UK edition book coverDead Lagoon book coverMichael Dibdin
A "deliciously creepy" mystery novel from the late British author's Aurelio Zen series. The literary tone and stylish prose will appeal to readers who normally ignore whodunits.

Death at La Fenice
Death at La Venice UK edition book coverDeath at La Fenice book coverDonna Leon
The first mystery in an outstanding series that features Venetian police detective Guido Brunetti.

A Venetian Reckoning
(US title:
Death and Judgment)

Death and Judgment book coverDonna Leon
Commissario Brunetti investigates banking irregularities, a crooked lawyer, vice, and political corruption in this mystery novel.

Death in a Strange Country
Death in a Strange Country book coverDonna Leon
A Guido Brunetti mystery with a plot that involves the U.S. military, Mafiosi, politicians, and toxic waste.

The Anonymous Venetian
(US title:
Dressed for Death)

The Anonymous Venetian book coverDonna Leon
A transvestite prostitute dies near the city slaughterhouse, and Commissario Brunetti tries to find out why.

Acqua Alta
Donna Leon

Another in Ms. Leon's series of mysteries about the darker side of life in Venice and Northern Italy.

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