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Hotel Continental, Treviso

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Hotel Continental Treviso

The Hotel Continental is only 200 meters, or the length of two soccer fields, from Treviso Railroad Station.

Treviso Railroad Station and Via Roma

This photo of the Stazione and the Via Roma was taken from the tiny square in front of the Hotel Continental, using a short telephoto zoom.

Hotel Continental entrance

Treviso globe sculptureTo reach the hotel from the station's train platforms, take the pedestrian tunnel under the Piazzale Duca D'Aosta in front of the station. When you're back at street level, follow the Via Roma past the old city walls. As you approach the Hotel Continental, you'll see a metal sculpture of a globe. The hotel is behind and to the right of the sculpture.

Hotel Continental reception desk

The reception desk is just inside the lobby. Note the rich wood, the marble counter, and the old-fashioned mailboxes with hanging room keys.

Lobby of Hotel Continental Treviso

The lobby has several seating areas. Here, you can see a pair of comfortable leather armchairs and a floor-to-ceiling mirror that reflects the hotel's china collection.

Hotel Continental Coffee Room

Beyond the seating area, a 1950s neon sign points to the "Coffee Room," a.k.a. the breakfast room. (The hotel also has an American bar next door.)

Hotel Continental breakfast

A breakfast buffet is included in the room rate. (Don't let my simple plate of rolls mislead you: Other items are available for guests with hearty appetites.)

Twin room at Hotel Continental

My first room, a twin, had a faulty window air conditioner. Note the parquet floor.

Hotel 311 Hotel Continental Treviso

 After I reported the dead air conditioner, I was moved to a double--room 311--which was bigger and had a working portable air conditioner. Although the wallpaper reflected the tastes of an earlier era, the mattress felt new, and I was able to get a Wi-Fi signal for my notebook computer.

Room 311 bathroom - Hotel Continental

The bathroom was simple but functional, with a recessed floor and a curtain for the modern adjustable shower rail.

Bathroom tile at Hotel Continental

The bathroom walls were covered with small handset tiles.

Hotel Continental Treviso

Gelateria in Treviso ItalyHere's another exterior view of the Hotel Continental. This photo shows the rear entrance to the hotel, which was closed during my visit. 

From here, you can walk a few meters to a gelateria near the River Sile.


River Sile in Treviso

River Sile Treviso

The River Sile is just around the corner from the Hotel Continental. Its scenic promenade leads to cafés and restaurants, apartment buildings, a park, the university, and an old castle on the edge of town.

River Sile in evening

River Sile at night

The river is especially pleasant in the evening and at night, when streetlights illuminate the water, walkways, and bridges.

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