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La Bella Vita Barge Cruise Photos

From: La Bella Vita Barge Cruise Review

Day 4: Cruising to Adria

LA BELLA VITA in river lock

A rainy spring had left the Po near flood levels, so we did much of our cruising in canals that followed the river inland. Here, La Bella Vita goes through a lock on the Canal Bianco while cruising from Taglio di Po to Adria.

During the morning, we cruised past farms, colorfully-painted houses, a shipyard, and a fireboat.

Farm along River Po

Crops along the Canal Bianco

Colorful houses along Po

Shipyard on Canal Bianco in the Po Delta

Fireboat on River Po

LA BELLA VITA passes under a drawbridge

In this fisheye photo, deckhand Mattia Toninato watches as a drawbridge opens for La Bella Vita.

Bridge on Po

This bridge offered plenty of clearance--unlike another bridge, where the captain told us to sit or kneel on the sun deck to avoid head-to-girder collisions.

Map on sun deck

A map of the route made it easy to keep track of where we were cruising.

Mooring in Adria

When we reached Adria, Captain Rudy set up the gangway while Mattia used a weed-trimmer to shorten the grass beyond the pier.

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