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Swiss Cow Fights

Swiss cow fights - combats de reines - Queen Cow contests

ABOVE: Unaware of the fighting spirit that lurks within every Swiss cow, a tourist risks life and limb in an Alpine meadow. (SNTO)

There's no Waltz of the Toreadors in the Swiss Alps,  and "the running of the bulls" is likely to be the weekend pitter-patter of investment bankers' feet as they sprint to the train that will haul them back to Zürich for Monday's market opening. Still, the Swiss enjoy a bloodless bovine battle as much as the Spaniards love a bullfight, and there are plenty of opportunities to watch Elsie butt heads with Bossie in Canton Valais.

Valaisan cow fights exploit the natural tendency of Hérens and Eringer cows to compete for social dominance. Just as only one wolf can lead the pack, only one cow can be queen of the herd--and she'll do whatever it takes to intimidate the opposition, from mooing nasty threats to locking horns with a challenger and letting push come to shove.

In David's Switzerland Journal, David Pritchard gives a firsthand account of a Swiss cow fight:

"Apparently the poor milking cows are singled out from the herd and bred for the annual fight, keeping their horns and getting more muscular and less fat than most cows. As fights go, it was fairly tame - no blood, no gore, just clashing horns. One cow engages another, they twist about until one gives way, then the loser runs away. Keepers kept sticks on hand to prevent any third parties getting involved. It's a very strange sport. Several cows got bored and ducked under the barriers to go munch on some hillside near the spectators, to our mild consternation."

If you'd like to witness the sport (and perhaps write about it, like a latter-day Hemingway), you'll need to visit Canton Valais from late March through early October. Local contests take place every week or two, with the heavy hitters competing at the Cantonal Championships in Aproz during May and at Martigny's rodeo-style "Combats des Reines" ("Fights of the Queens") during the annual Foire du Valais exposition in October.

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