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Hotel Cipriani

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Hotel Cipriani - fondamenta view

ABOVE: A private door gives access to the fondamenta or public sidewalk outside the Hotel Cipriani, the Palazzo Vendramin, and the Palazzetto Nani Barbaro. (A waterside caf� terrace overlooks St. Mark's Basin and the Piazzetta di San Marco.)

Hotel Web site

Hotel Cipriani
Take a photo tour of the hotel, its restaurants, and the Palazzo Vendramin and Palazzetto Nano Barbari. You can also book online, although you may get a better deal from:

Booking.com: Hotel Cipriani
Our hotel partner is Europe's leading reservations service, and it offers "guaranteed lowest prices." You can also read reviews by paying guests and see numerical ratings of the Hotel Cipriani on Booking.com's Web site.

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