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Piazza E. Matter and Torre dell'Orologio

From: Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Piazza Edmondo Matter Mestre

The Piazza Edmondo Matter is just beyond the Piazza Ferretto, on the other side of a narrow canal that flows through downtown Mestre.

Torre dell'Orologio Mestre

Torre Civica di Mestre

The square is home to the Torre dell'Orologio, or Clock Tower (officially named the Torre Civica di Mestre). The tower was built in the 12th Century and later integrated into Mestre's second castle, the Castelnuovo, which is believed to have had more than a dozen medieval towers--only one of which, today's clock tower, remains.

Palazzo della Provvideria

Another historic building is the Palazzo Providderia, which also was part of the 14th Century Castelnuovo.

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