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Piazza Ferretto

From: Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Piazza Ferretto Mestre

The Piazza Ferretto is Mestre's counterpart to the Piazza San Marco in Venice, minus the pigeons and tour groups. Paul Lasley of Ontravel.com has spent several months in Mestre and Marghera over the past few years, and he tells us that "Sunday evenings in the piazza are magical."

Area pedonale Mestre

The Piazza Ferretto is in the heart of Mestre's area pedonale, or pedestrian zone, where the "No Bicycling" sign is largely ignored.

Hotel Vivit Mestre

Here, you can see café and restaurant tables set up in front of the Hotel Al Vivit. The building dates back to the 18th Century, and the three-star hotel (which has high guest ratings from our booking partner, Venere) has been catering to guests since 1911.

Bar Standardo Mestre

Another café, the Bar Stendardo, offers service at outdoor tables facing the Piazza Ferretto in good weather.

Cinema Excelsior on the Piazza Ferretto Mestre

Cinema Excelsior sign 1

Cinema Excelsior sign 2

The ornate-looking façade in the corner of the square belongs to the Cinema Excelsior, one of several movie theatres in downtown Mestre. The historic theatre is now a mini-multiplex, showing three movies at a time.

(Warning: In Italy, movies are normally dubbed in Italian, so don't be surprised if Kate Winslet sounds like a latter-day Sophia Loren.)

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