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Booking Partners

From: About Us

Hote Bucintoro in Venice, Italy

ABOVE: offers secure reservations with competitive rates at the Hotel Bucintoro in Venice, Italy.

We currently have affiliate partnerships with (Europe's leading hotel site), Auto Europe (car rentals and Peugeot or Citroën tourist leases), Viator (local sightseeing tours), and Airbnb (vacation rentals).

If you book travel through one of our partner or affiliate links, we may receive a referral fee or commission, depending on factors such as whether you're a new or existing customer of the vendor, your country of residence, etc.

You'll find similar affiliate links on most magazine and newspaper Web sites, which also depend on advertising and affiliate revenues to stay in business.

However, the vast majority of the links on our site are not affiliate links, and we often link to our partners' competitors when we think it's in our readers' interests to do so.