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ABOVE: An aerial view of the Nürburgring's modern Grand Prix track.

Grand Prix racetrack at Nürburgring

photoThe Nürburgring's Grand-Prix-Strecke or Grand Prix course was completed in 1984. The modern track hosted its first Formula I race in 1985 (won by Michele Alboreto in a Ferrari), and the Truck Grand Prix made its debut one year later.

The track has been expanded and improved several times over the last two decades, most recently with a new pits complex, start and finish building, media center, and TüV Tower.

Today's Grand-Prix-Strecke is 5.148 km (3.2 miles) long, with seating for 120,000 racing fans in the adjacent stands. In addition to hosting motor races, the Grand Prix track stages the popular "Rock am Ring" music festival each June.

A museum (and more)

photoAlongside the Grand Prix track, Erlebnis-Welt (a.k.a. the Nürburgring Hall of Fame and Indoor Attraction Park) offers "fun, action, and exciting information" for adults and children. The space, which totals more than 10,000 square meters, occupies three buildings.

photoErlebnis-Welt includes a racing museum, GT4 race-driving and G-force simulators, a "Playstation-Gameworld," a panoramic cinema, and an indoor kart track where children put on helmets and jumpsuits before driving under professional supervision.

The museum and adventure complex are open daily year-round, and there's a small café on the lower level.

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