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Brocken, Harz Mountains

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Brocken mountain bikers

Mountain bikers pump their way up the Brockenstrasse, which is closed to private cars.

Brocken summit

At the Brocken's summit, a plaque shows the elevation (1142 meters or 3,747 feet).

Brocken weather station

The Brockenmuseum's weather display shows current winds, temperature, air pressure, and humidity. (During a snowy visit in early March, when this photo was taken, the wind speed was nearly 71 km/h or about 44 mph.)

Stasi listening post

When you're inside the Brockenmuseum's former Stasi radio dome, take a close look at the bolts that hold the dome's panels together.They're made of compressed paper impregnated with tree-sap resin.

Brocken blizzard

In the cooler months, snow and ice aren't uncommon on the Brocken. Fortunately, the hotel-restaurant is open year-round, and you can retreat inside for a hot Schnitzel,  a bowl of Gulaschsuppe, or a Schnapps.

HSB passenger car

When this photo was taken during an early March blizzard, visibility at the HSB railroad's Brocken station was virtually non-existent, but the train had no trouble retreating to warmer (and greener) elevations.

Brocken National Park

In summer, many visitors take the HSB narrow-gauge railroad from Wernigerode to the Brocken and hike down through Harz National Park.

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