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Heidelberg Castle

Schloss Heidelberg

From: Heidelberg, Germany


ABOVE: "Illuminations" give Heidelberger Schloss an eerie glow on selected dates in June, July, and September. INSET: The castle moat (click for a larger view).

photoHeidelberg Castle, known as Schloss Heidelberg or Heidelberger Schloss in German, is the city's best-known symbol. The massive fortress has loomed over Heidelberg and the Neckar River since the Middle Ages, and it has inspired tributes from many writers and painters--among them, British landscape artist William Turner and the American writer Mark Twain. (For a history of the castle, see Wikipedia's comprehensive article.)

The castle is an essential stop on any tour of Heidelberg. We'd recommend taking a guided tour and coming back in the evening to walk around the floodlit castle after dark. At the very least, buy an admission ticket to the castle courtyard, which includes entry to the Great Vat and the Germany Apothecary Museum.

For more information, including hours and ticket prices, see the official Schloss Heidelberg Web site.

Also see our Heidelberg Funicular article, which tells how to reach the castle from the city below.

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