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München Airport Center

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Airbrau beer mat LEFT: A beer mat from the Airbräu microbrewery restaurant in Munich Airport Center.

Restaurants and fast food

München Airport Center has a good variety of places where you can eat and drink. Its restaurants, fast-food outlets, and coffee bars are popular with local residents, in part because MAC requires that prices be no higher than what customers would pay downtown.

I had dinner at Airbräu, a bar and restaurant that brews three types of beer on the premises. The Airbräu menu includes sausages, Schitzels, steaks, chicken, pasta, and other dishes, along with desserts such as Apfelstrudel and Dampfknödel (irresistible sweet dumplings with vanilla sauce). If you expect to be thirsty later in the evening, you can buy a refillable beer siphon--the German equivalent of a Big Gulp soda. Airbräu prices are moderate, but if you're worried about prices or choices, you can read the menu before you go inside.

Nordsee, Germany's leading seafood chain, has a restaurant in München Airport Center that serves fish, salads, and snacks from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

Langnese is the place to go for ice cream and fresh pastries, while Segafredo serves authentic Italian espresso and other coffee drinks. Burger King is open from morning until late evening, with a drive-through window that serves Whoppers after closing time. Other venues include the Café Treffpunkt (which translates as "Café Meeting Place"), the Käfer Bistro, and--for those who crave a natural vitamin fix with or without alcohol--the Fruttibar.

For more information on places to eat and drink in München Airport Center and the airport's terminals, see the Meals and Refreshments pages at the Munich International Airport Web site.

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