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Dachau Transportation

From: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Getting to the camp

The directions below are for public transportation via Munich's clean, quick, and convenient S-Bahn. If you'd rather fight city and suburban traffic in an automobile, see the Dachau Concentration Memorial Site's directions and parking page.

1 From Munich's city center, take the S-Bahn S2 line in the direction of Petershausen.

Buy a ticket to Dachau from one of the vending machines, and stamp your ticket in one of the blue machines near the S-Bahn entrance.

You can also get to the camp with a 1- or 3-day City Tour Card for the Gesamtnetz (Munich regional network) as opposed to the Inneraum (city only). See the MVV (Munich public transportation) Web site for more information.

Take the escalator or stairway to the train platform. An electronic sign will show the number of minutes until the next S2 Peterhausen train and where to stand on the platform (between sectors A and B in the sample photo).

S-Bahn sign

Click for larger photo.
2 Board the S2 Peterhausen train for a ride of approximately 20 minutes to Dachau. (If necessary, push a button to open the doors as you board or exit the train.) S-Bahn train
3 At Dachau, leave the railroad station by the main entrance, and ignore the "KZ-Gedenkstätte" pedestrian sign unless you're prepared for a 50-minute walk. Signs at Dachau station
4 Cross the street to the bus stop. Bus stop at Dachau station
5 Wait for a bus near the sign that reads, "Concentration Camp Memorial Site." Concentration Camp Memorial Site sign
6 Take bus 724 or 726 to the camp. (Board at the front and show your S-Bahn ticket to the driver.) Dachau bus
7 Exit the bus at the KZ-Gedenkstätte, which is the end of the line.
KZ Dachau entrance

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