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H2otel Rotterdam

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H2otel entrance

H2otel gangway

The H2otel's entrance is up a gangway that becomes flatter or steeper, according to the tide.

H2otel spiral stairs

A spiral staircase and an elevator (not shown) lead downstairs from the lobby to a bar-brasserie.

H2otel bar and brasserie

The brasserie is usually quiet during the day. At night, guests can enjoy drinks at indoor tables or outdoors on the terrace in good weather.

H2otel brasserie menu

The brasserie's menu varies from day to day. In the photo above, the blackboard lists mussels, beefsteak, and several other items.

H2otel terrace

This photo shows the H2otel's brasserie terrace on a July evening. Two "picnic boats" flank the terrace. (Watch your small  children, pets, or intoxicated companions on the terrace, which doesn't have a railing.)

H2otel picnic boat

If you're comfortable on the water, you can rent a motorized Picknick Boat (including a picnic lunch or dinner) for self-drive excursions along the historic inner harbors of Rotterdam.

H2otel silver room

We enjoyed our "silver room" on the lower deck, which was down a corridor and separated by fire doors from the brasserie. The room was quiet, with comfortable beds, a small table, and a spacious bathroom with a frosted-glass panel separating the shower from the bedroom. (Closet space was limited but adequate.)

Spar supermarket Glashaven

The H2otel serves an optional Dutch-style buffet breakfast downstairs in the salon, next to the brasserie. However, if you prefer a simpler or cheaper breakfast, you can walk a block to the Spar supermarket on Glashaven and buy excellent fresh-baked croissants for about half of what they'd cost in the U.S.

While you're at Spar, buy some strawberries or other fresh fruit, then come back and make tea or instant coffee with the equipment in your room at the H2otel.

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