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Welcome to Wengen
Other Swiss resorts had better watch out, because the Wengen Tourist Office's Web site sets a new standard for breadth and depth of information. It has hiking itineraries, hotel listings, apartment rentals, shop and restaurant links, yodels, alphorns, panoramic maps, and more.


Wengen hotels & accommodation
The Wengen Tourist Office's hotel directory includes a database of vacation apartments, with prices and other information.

Hotel Bellevue
"Bellevue" beans "beautiful view," and the description is apt--particularly for rooms overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Hotel Regina
If you were born too late for the Nineteenth Century, you can relive it at this classic resort hotel near Wengen's railway station, hiking paths, and ski slopes.

Sunstar Hotel
The former Hotel Métropole is listed in Baedeker's 1911 guidebook, but extensive rebuilding has led to a nice balance between tradition and modern conveniences (such as family units with lofts).

Hotel Alpenrose
Four generations of the owner's family have managed the three-star Alpenrose over the last 115 years. Karen Brown, the travel author, endorses this hotel in her guidebook description, which will open in a new browser window.

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