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Swiss Chocolate Train

From spring through fall, an excursion train will take you from Montreux, Switzerland to the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory at Broc, with a stop at the medieval cheesemaking town of Gruyère.

Chocolate train photo

ABOVE: The Chocolate Train offers a choice of vintage Pullman cars (above) or modern panorama cars.

  • COVID-19 update: The Chocolate Train's was suspended in 2020, and we can't guarantee that the times listed below will be accurate in 2021. Watch this space for further updates.

Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and its railroads. Put them together, and you get The Chocolate Train--an excursion train that operates from Montreux once or twice a week from spring through fall.

The train departs Montreux each Wednesday, with an additional train on Mondays in July and August. It runs on tracks of the Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway (MOB). Coffee and croissants are served on the train, which offers scenic views of vineyards and bucolic countryside on its way to the medieval cheesemaking town of Gruyères.

In Gruyères, the train pauses for an excursion by bus to a cheese factory and the local castle. You'll reboard the train for the trip to Broc, home of the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory, where you can watch a multilingual video, observe chocolate production, sample the finished product, and buy Cailler or Nestlé candy bars at factory prices.

The train then returns to Montreux, a pleasant resort town on Lac Léman where you can also visit the Castle of Chillon.

Practical information:

  • The train leaves Montreux at 8:44 a.m, returning at 4:15 p.m.
  • If you have a qualifying Swiss transportation pass, you'll get a discount on the fare.

Gruyères photo

ABOVE: The Swiss Chocolate Train stops in Gruyères for cheese on its way to the Nestlé chocolate factory at Broc.

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