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Amsterdam coat of arms photo

ABOVE: Amsterdam's coat of arms. INSET BELOW: A local bicyclist, and a visiting cruise ship.

woman bicyclist in amsterdamAmsterdam is one of Europe's major air gateways from other continents, and the city has enjoyed a reputation for tolerating visitors' idiosyncrasies since the heady, hash-happy days of the 1960s. Whether you're a backpacker, museum buff, shopper, cruise passenger, city-planning student, stoner, or sex tourist, you'll find what you're looking for in Amsterdam.

Costa Atlantica cruise shipOur Amsterdam Web Guide is designed to help you reach the travel information you want with a minimum of frustration.

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Top photo copyright © Amsterdam Tourist Board.
1st inset photo: Paul Piebinga.
2nd inset photo: Sebastiaan Evers.