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Amsterdam Practical Information

From: Amsterdam


ABOVE: This drawing of an Amsterdam water scene is by the Dutch artist Hans Rijpma.

General tourist information

A Day in Amsterdam
When you're stuck at Schiphol for more than a few hours, take the train into the city. (Our travelogue includes practical tips for the airport and Amsterdam).

An Outsider's Guide to Amsterdam
A short introduction to the city from a foreign visitor's point of view.

Amsterdam Hotspots: Tips
Photos enhance a page of useful advice for the tourist.


Amsterdam Map
This embedded Google Map has options for street, satellite photo, and hybrid views. Street Map of Amsterdam
Click on a quadrant to enlarge a section of this excellent city map. An Amsterdam Metro Map is also available.

Map of Amsterdam
Click a section of the map for photos and lists of places to see, stay, etc. in the selected district. From The Channels: Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Quadrant Maps
The overview map is divided into quadrants that you can zoom in on by clicking. There's also a map of the Amsterdam area.

Mobile guide

Amsterdam Mobile Guide
The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions has a free miniguide to Amsterdam hotels, restaurants, museums, sightseeing attractions, shopping, etc. that can be accessed by mobile devices via the Web or with a free iPhone app.


Europe for Visitors Money and Currency Articles
Read these articles on ATM cards, hidden credit-card surcharges, mind-boggling "traveler's check card" fees, the euro, and other financial topics for travelers.


Amsterdam Weather Forecast
Check current conditions or view a 10-day forecast with metric or English measurements. This page also has links to month-by-month climate averages, sunrise/sunset, and time information.

Amsterdam travel resources

Amsterdam planning tools

Amsterdam hotels/accommodations


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