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Amsterdam Cafés and Nightclubs

From: Amsterdam

Amsterdam photo

ABOVE: One of many cafés around Rembrandtplein. INSET BELOW: A krul or public urinal in Amsterdam.

Cafés and coffeeshops

't Ballonnetje
Juices, milkshakes, 30 kinds of tea, homemade soup, and light meals make this coffeeshop a good bet for the chamomile-and-ginseng crowd.

"Real food" (including sushi on Saturday) is a high point at Bluebird, which has been catering to university students, professors, artists, and tourists since 1982.

The Bulldog
In addition to The Bulldog Mack and The Bulldog Palace cafés, The Bulldog Company's properties include a hotel and coffeeshops for cannabis fans.

No food here, but there's a bar next door. The location (at the edge of the red-light district) is handy for gawkers and voyeurs.

Hemp Temple Nightbar
Drink hemp beer and spirits, suck a hemp lollipop, play games, and meet new people.

A "high-tech computer weighting system" calculates the quantity and cost of your marijuana purchase.

Amsterdam Hotspots: Smoke
This site's reviews of coffeehouses include photos, map links, and user reviews that you can augment with your own.

Bars and Nightlife

Krul in AmsterdamEuropean Beer Guide - Dutch Beer Pages
Ron Pattinson writes about beers, breweries, and pubs in Holland. Don't miss his Amsterdam Pub Guide.

Amsterdam Hotspots: Drink
The listings here include photos and maps. You can add your own review for any bar you've visited.

Café Nol
You needn't be a hipster to enjoy drinking in Holland's capital. This friendly, funky pub in the historic center of Amsterdam is a haven for tipplers who are middle-aged or older. (How can you not like a tavern that plays Dutch covers of Golden Oldies?)

Sex club

We haven't visited this trio of pleasure palaces (we prefer homegrown hanky-panky), but it seems fair to say that the Sexyland Revolving Stage puts a new spin on sex education.

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Inset photo: Sebastiaan Evers.

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