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Amsterdam coffeeshop sign

ABOVE: Weed and feed. INSET BELOW: A bag of wacky baccy.


Holland: Tempting the Tourist With Hookers and Hookahs
Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and soft drugs are tolerated. But don't let that keep your children or church group from visiting Holland.

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Marijuana in AmsterdamNote: In Amsterdam's euphemistically-named "coffeeshops," Colombian isn't a hot beverage and hash isn't a breakfast dish.

Amsterdam for Tourists: What's Legal?
CNN offers a Cliff's Notes introduction to hash smoking and sin in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's Pot-Selling Coffee Shops Remain Open to Tourists
You can still light up in Amsterdam's coffehouses, even though some other Dutch cities have placed restrictions on joints that sell joints.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory
This site claims to be the definitive guide to the city's hash houses. It offers a "best" list, a map that shows coffeeshop locations, and addresses of 800 "coffeeshops, smartshops, growshops, and headshops" throughout the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Coffeshop Guide
The  "real independent Amsterdam Coffeeshop guide" has been dispensing history, ratings, and advice for more than 10 years. Amsterdam Drugs
Peter Skelton's article outlines Dutch drug laws and the reasoning behind them.

Amsterdam Smokers Guide
The Bush Doctor tests and reviews cannabis varieties on sale in Amsterdam, from Afghan Cream to Zero Zero.

Going Dutch
David Downie wrote this article on the Dutch drug scene (and its dark side) for Salon.

Hemp Hotel
All singles and doubles at this hotel are smoking rooms, if you get our drift. Breakfast includes fresh hemp rolls and muffins.

Hip Planet's Amsterdam Coffeeshops
Where to enjoy cannabis with your cappucino.

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