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ABOVE: The Timhotel Montmartre has the prettiest setting of any hotel in the quarter, and its rates are surprisingly reasonable.

By Durant Imboden

Montmartre, to most tourists, is a place to play--but not to stay. And that's a shame, for several reasons:

In our opinion, the question isn't whether to stay in Montmartre, but where to stay. For a true Montmartre experience, you don't want to be on a traffic-jammed boulevard or a neighborhood that merely borders on Montmartre. And unless you're in Paris with a peepshow tour, you'll probably want to avoid a hotel amid the fleshpots of Pigalle.

To help you avoid disappointment, we've put together a collection of hotels represented by our booking partner, Venere. All of these hotels are located on pleasant and attractive streets within Montmartre. These aren't the only places to stay in Montmartre, but--if you choose from our listings--you can be sure that your hotel won't be on a major avenue, next to a strip joint, or overrun by mass-market tour groups.

Bonus: We've also included tips on renting a vacation apartment in Montmartre, which can be cheaper than staying in a hotel if you're in Paris for more than a few days.

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