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Rick Steves'
Easy Access Europe
Book Review
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Other features of Easy Access Europe

Destinations are the main focus of Rick Steves' Easy Access Europe, but the book also has an "Accessibility Resources and Tips" section with relevant organizations and government agencies in the U.S. and Europe, advice on air travel for the disabled tourist, and a handful of practical tips (e.g., if there's no passenger lift in a museum, ask for a ride in the freight elevator).

The front of the guide has maps that show pedestrian-friendly areas, "roll and stroll" routes, and a London Tube Access Guide for travelers in wheelchairs.

To buy or not to buy:

Rick Steves' Easy Access Europe covers only five destinations in Western Europe, but it offers a great deal of information on each--including more details on accessibility than you're likely to find in any other printed resource. If you're a wheelchair user or slow walker, and if you plan to visit Amsterdam, Bruges, London, Paris, or the Rhine, Rick Steves' Easy Access Europe will be a valuable addition to your travel-planning library and carry-on bag.

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