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First-Class Hotels in Salzburg

From: Salzburg, Austria

Altstadthotel Weisse-Taube
This family-run hotel is on the edge of Salzburg's Altstadt, where its building has stood for nearly 650 years.

Hotel Wolf-Dietrich
The Wolf-Dietrich is on a quiet street in the old city, with rooms in both the main building and an annex. The hotel has its own garage.

Hotel Markus Sittikus
Look for this hotel on the Mirabell  Gardens side of the river Salzach, about 500 meters from the railroad station. In nice weather, you can enjoy the hotel's own garden.

Airport Hotel

Airporthotel Salzburg
This may be the first airport hotel you'll ever stay in that looks like a chalet. It's within walking distance of the terminal.

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