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Moderately-priced Hotels in Salzburg

From: Salzburg, Austria

Hotel Amadeus
This 15th Century building is on the Linzergasse in the the Altstadt. It offers single, double, and triple rooms, plus 4- to 6-person apartments for families and small groups of friends.

Hotel Auersperg
Children and canine surrogates are welcome at the Auersperg, which is a few minutes' walk from the right bank of the River Salzach.

Hotel Bayrischer Hof
This 32-room hotel is directly across from the railway station. Singles, doubles, and junior suites are available.

Hotel Goldene Ente
We've stayed at this comfortable inn, which is right in the middle of the Altstadt. The reasonable rates include a buffet breakfast, and a restaurant is on the premises.

Hotel Hofwirt
The century-old Hofwirt has an outdoor restaurant and beer garden, along with 60 guest rooms and a parking lot.

Hotel Mozart
For a 70-room hotel, the Mozart has a generous array of facilities--but its location isn't particularly convenient to the old town.

Hotel am Nussdorferhof
Herbert, Ilse, and their two children are the owners and heirs apparent at this family-run hotel south of the Mönchsberg and the Altstadt. The hotel has a restaurant, and breakfast is served until noon. (Note: The location is primarily of interest to visitors who are driving and want to avoid the city center.)

Hotel Zur Post
If you're driving, you may like this hotel's location south of the city center. The hotel has a garden and offers free parking. The Altstadt is a five-minute bus ride from the stop in front of the hotel, or you can rent a bike.

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