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photoOther SeV products

SCOTTEVEST's line of "Technology Enabled Clothing" includes a TEC Sport Jacket with 14 hidden pockets, a baseball cap with hidden earloops, and a "gadget tie" with a hidden zipper pocket for keys, candy, or credit cards. There's even a limited edition of the Three.0 SeV jacket in black leather. I didn't test any of these, but I did try a pair of all-cotton SeV Hidden Cargo Pants (see accompanying product and X-ray photos).

photoMy college-age son, who doesn't go anywhere without a cell phone, immediately saw the utility of SeV's technology-enabled trousers. He drew my attention to the "NoBulge" layered pockets, which consist of two deep pockets within each side pocket opening. These make it possible to carry a cell phone, MP3 player, keys, coins, Kleenex, and other items at the same time without scratching the electronic devices or covering them with lint. Other features include a Personal Area Network (PAN) for wiring, magnetic closures, a hidden pen pocket, and hidden drawstring waist adjustment.

I've been wearing the trousers for about a month now, and they're extremely comfortable and practical. However, I wouldn't carry my wallet in them while traveling in crowded cities, since I'm right-handed and the zippered security compartment in the left side pocket is hard for me to use. (For money and credit cards, I prefer the hidden security pockets of my Ex Officio and REI travel shirts or the zippered inside pockets of the SeV vest.)

Note: SCOTTEVEST recently introduced a companion product, SeV Hidden Cargo Shorts, which offer the same features in a shorter length.

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